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How Do I Become a Member?
Here is a quick and hands-on guide on how to become a member:

Who is entitled to become a member?Since we are an Alumni Association, the core of our member are former students of St. Anselm's School, Jaipur. This means that students, academics and professionals who spent atleast one year at the school are welcome to become members.

How much does the membership cost?The regular fee for lifetime membership is Rs. 500. This is intentionally low so that nobody is kept from joining for financial reasons. In turn, all of our activities are organized by volunteers. To support the Asssociation further, please contact here.

Which steps do I take in order to become a member?Scroll to the bottom of the page, You can download a membership application as a Word- or PDF-file. Please send the application to our office- and your application will be processed by the board. 

Whom do I contact if I have questions?
If you have questions about on how to become a member or your membership status, please write to us at or contact our office
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